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01 December 2020
Don’t share your toothbrush!

Sharing toothbrushes and other ill-advised oral hygiene measures could play an influential role in spreading Covid-19. Researchers from Rey Juan Carlos University and Granada University in Spain have shown that sharing a toothbrush, toothpaste, the same container for the brush and not changing the brush after the viral process, are all possible routes of cross-contamination of coronavirus.

The investigation monitored hundreds of families over the course of 15 days and found over half (55%) of Covid-positive people who share a toothbrush passed the virus on to other family members in the household.

In addition to sharing a toothbrush, the research, published in BMC Oral Health in October, discovered an even greater risk for families leaving their toothbrushes in the same container. Two-in-three (66%) people who tested positive for coronavirus and who share a toothbrush container with family members, passed the virus on to them.

Further findings showed the same tube of toothpaste should not be used between members of the same family, as this is another way of facilitating cross-contamination. Households with a Covid-positive member increase their risk of spreading the virus by almost a third (30%) if they share the same tube of toothpaste.

The study also found that people who disinfect their brush in an antibacterial mouthwash reduce their chances of passing the virus on to family members in the household by more than a third (39%).

In the same investigation, more than half (54%) of those who did not change their toothbrush after being tested positive for Covid-19, passed the virus on to other people in their household.

The study also found that tongue cleaning was the most effective oral hygiene habit in reducing the spread of the virus.



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