01 April 2019
Enjoy your Easter egg – just be aware of your teeth as well!

With Easter towards the end of the month, children's (and also some sweet-toothed adults!) teeth are preparing themselves for a chocolate onslaught.

Striking a balance between letting your child or grandchild enjoy their treats and keeping an eye on their consumption is the best way to make sure their oral health doesn't suffer. It is how often, not how much, sugary food and drink is consumed that causes oral health problems.

10 facts about children’s teeth and diet

  • Britain is in the top five for the amount of chocolate consumption in Europe.
  • Some research suggests dark chocolate high in cocoa has oral health benefits.
  • Two in three 16-24 year olds say chocolate is the food most likely to make them smile.
  • Tooth decay affects three in 10 children starting school.
  • It is not the amount of Easter eggs eaten that can cause tooth decay – it is how often they are consumed.
  • Whenever your child eats anything sugary, their teeth are under attack for up to an hour.
  • Sugar causes the bacteria in plaque to produce acids – which attack children's tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.
  • Confectionery bars in Easter eggs containing fondants and caramel are potentially more damaging to teeth than the chocolate egg.
  • Sugar-free Easter eggs are available to buy.
  • Breadsticks, vegetables, cheese are healthy snack alternatives.
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