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01 August 2020
Investment in ventilation system benefits us all

We have now completed the installation of our new ventilation system which means that both surgeries on the first floor can operate as negative-pressure rooms.

This means that we are able to offer more appointments per day than when we first came out of lockdown.

The current regulation from the Office of the Chief Dental Officer (England) specifies a 60-minute ‘fallow period’ between appointments to allow aerosols generated by dental procedures to settle and be removed/diluted to a safe level by opening windows.

In contrast, testing of our system illustrates that the air is changed up to 10 times an hour, carrying any aerosols with it. The result is that the ‘fallow’ period between each appointment is 20 minutes.

This is in line with the OCDO’s guidance on negative-pressure rooms. In addition, the set-up also operates as a heat-recovery system, which will have a positive effect on our energy use.

“Safety is our first consideration,” explains Rob, “and I am delighted that the new system is proving to be so effective in helping us provide a safe working environment for our patients and our staff.”

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