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01 May 2020
Why routine dental treatments are not available

We are following national guidelines and so have had to close the practice during this stage of the coronavirus crisis.

A statement from the British Dental Association explains the facts.

Dental check-ups and treatments involve close contact between the dentist and patient and so should not take place. Also, dentists and their teams have to avoid using tools like drills and the ones used for scales and polishes. This is to prevent them from catching the virus from an infected patient and passing it on to other patients.

Drills and other high-speed tools create a lot of ‘spray’ from patients’ mouths so dentists need to use protective clothing and equipment.

COVID-19 has on average a five to six-day period before symptoms show (but it can be up to 14), where someone wouldn’t know they had it and could pass it on to others. If an unsuspecting patient had a filling, the spray from doing that procedure would likely infect the dentist and the nurse.

The personal protective equipment (PPE) dentists wear when using high-speed tools is currently required by hospitals treating coronavirus patients. Without this equipment dentists, hygienists, therapists and nurses are not safe to treat patients as normal.

What if I have a dental emergency?

You should call the practice. We will discuss your symptoms and decide what your options are. Urgent Dental Care Centres are being established in the area to deal with patients who have serious conditions and we can refer you to one of these centres if this is the best solution for you.

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