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01 June 2020
A message from Rob Nichols


You may have already seen the announcement that dental practices may re-open from 8 June. This is fantastic news – but did come as a bit of a shock to the profession as we had no prior notice!

While we have been working hard to be able to resume the safe and effective provision of dental care in recent weeks, I do want to stress that we will all be returning to a ‘new look’ dentistry.

Once open, and for the foreseeable future, we will be seeing far fewer patients per day to allow us to follow a strict cleaning regime throughout the practice after each appointment.

We are also planning a phased return. Priority will be given to patients who we know have been having difficulties. We will be in touch to arrange these priority appointments.

We will then start to make appointments for routine check-ups and hygiene visits, with a return to more complex dental procedures at a later date.

However, I do need to stress we are still waiting to receive new guidance on Standard Operating Procedures from the government and access to robust supplies of Personal Protective Equipment.

Both of these issues will impact heavily on what we can and can’t do.

However, what we have been doing ‘behind-the-scenes’ is install a new ventilation system in two of our surgeries. This allows for up to 10 changes of air per hour.

I have also been working with a local tailor and UK textile manufacturer to provide surgical gowns that are capable of being cleaned at very high temperatures.

You may also notice that your dentist will look a bit like Darth Vader, as we are changing the masks we use in surgery.

These developments are all aimed at minimising the potential transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

Please phone the practice if you wish to discuss any issues – such as a dental problem or news on how and when we will return to work. However, please note, our reception will continue to be closed to visitors for the time being.

I want to thank you for your patience during this difficult time. It has been frustrating not being able to see you and provide the service that we pride ourselves on.

We will continue to post videos and information on our website and our new Facebook page in the coming days – so please keep coming back to check on progress.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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