We produce a monthly Cottingham Dental Practice newsletter. Copies are emailed to patients on request and are also available in the practice's waiting room. We report on the main dental stories from the national and international news as well as the latest developments in the practice.

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01 September 2019
Around half of elite athletes in the UK have signs of tooth decay compared with around a third of similarly aged adults.
01 September 2019
New research reveals that more than a quarter (28%) of British adults turn to sugar when put under stress.
01 August 2019
Electric toothbrushes clean teeth and gums much better than a manual toothbrush, according to the findings of a new study.
01 August 2019
Three hours of computer use each day is enough to put a teenager at risk of poor oral health, reveals a new study published by Clinical and Experimental Dental Research.
01 July 2019
The Center for Continuing Dental Education in Bern was the venue for Rob’s latest continuing professional development course. He travelled to Switzerland last month for the three-day Master Course in Guided Bone Regeneration and Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures.
01 June 2019
Rob, Tina and Justyna spent three days in Edinburgh last month, attending the Association of Dental Implantology Congress 2019. They joined hundreds of dentists, nurses, practice managers, hygienists and technicians from across Europe to take part in a packed programme of talks and demonstrations.
01 May 2019
Some medical conditions and drugs can affect your oral health. Or they may affect the treatment you get and the materials we use. So when you visit the practice we will ask you about your medical history – any medical conditions or allergies you have, and any treatments you are having or have had.
01 April 2019
With Easter towards the end of the month, children's (and also some sweet-toothed adults!) teeth are preparing themselves for a chocolate onslaught.
01 April 2019
Rob attended the British Endodontic Society’s Spring Scientific Meeting in London last month. The subject under discussion was the Management of Non-odontogenic Facial Pain – pain that mimics toothache but is caused by other factors such as muscle cramps.
01 March 2019
Cleaning between your teeth regularly and avoiding gum disease can lower your risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension), according to the findings of a new study.
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