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We produce a monthly Cottingham Dental Practice newsletter. Copies are emailed to patients and are also available on this website (home page). We report on the main dental stories from the national and international news as well as the latest developments in the practice.

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01 June 2024
We are delighted to welcome dentist Dr Owen Msimango to the team at the practice.
01 May 2024
A new documentary has recreated the face of a 75,000-year-old Neanderthal found in Iraqi Kurdistan.
01 April 2024
We are delighted that the majority of our regular patients are members of our Oral Health Scheme (administered by Practice Plan). We have been offering this monthly payment scheme for over 20 years and experience has reinforced its many benefits to our patients.
01 March 2024
Indulge in chocolate treats but also keep an eye on your consumption - strike a balance to make sure your oral health doesn't suffer. It is how often, not how much sugary food and drink you consume that causes dental problems.
01 February 2024
Unfortunately, people going through times of poor mental health have a tendency not to seek help with routine dental care.
01 January 2024
In a dental-themed episode, the BBC Radio 4 podcast Sliced Bread tackles the question of whether getting an electric brush might save trips to the dentist in future.
01 December 2023
Like other ruminants (such as cattle and sheep), reindeer don't have incisor teeth on their upper jaw.
01 November 2023
November is Mouth Cancer Action Month. Organised by the Oral Health Foundation, this is the UK's biggest charity campaign for mouth cancer awareness. The more we know about mouth cancer, the better chance we have of beating it. This means knowing how to spot mouth cancer early and knowing where to go when we see something out of the ordinary.
01 October 2023
There are several risks when you grind your teeth. In the short term, this might just be mild discomfort. However, in the long term it could cause serious damage to the way your teeth look and function.
01 September 2023
The Oral Health Foundation, the UK’s leading oral health charity, is worried that too many children will head off to nursery or school this month missing one vitally important piece of kit – a clean and healthy mouth.
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