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Treatment options

We want to make you feel confident about the quality of your smile.

Providing clear preventive advice on oral hygiene and diet

How you clean your teeth and what you eat affect the health of your teeth and mouth. We provide simple, easy-to-follow guidelines on how to keep your mouth in first-class condition.

Caring for the health of your gums

The health of your gums affects the overall health of your mouth. Make cleaning them and your teeth a part of your daily routine and you will soon realise the benefits. We will show you the best ways to do this.

Ensuring fresh breath

Keep on top of your oral hygiene to avoid smelly breath and gum disease.

Whitening your smile

Tooth whitening is a very simple, effective and painless process, administered and supervised by your dentist. You apply a gel overnight for a period of around four weeks, permanently whitening your natural, stained teeth.

Providing mercury-free fillings

Fillings are a fact of life for most of us – the average number of fillings per adult in the UK is seven. If you do unfortunately develop a cavity, we can offer you a range of options for the filling material, which include white inlay, non-mercury composite material or gold. We are always keen to offer our patients mercury-free options as we are aware of the questions associated with mercury toxicity.

Replacing missing teeth with implants

The major advantage of implants is that you walk away with new teeth that look, feel and work just like your own teeth. Dental implants represent a significant investment. The treatment system is initially more expensive than the alternatives (dentures, bridges); however, it often turns out to be the best investment for a long-term result. Find out more

Transforming misshapen or fractured teeth

A range of cosmetic treatments is available to improve the appearance of your teeth. These include veneers, crowns, bridges and tooth-coloured fillings.

Fitting comfortable dentures and bridges

Bridges and dentures can provide very realistic results and we make sure that you are comfortable with their fitting. Combining implants with a bridge can be a cost-effective solution to replacing missing or damaged teeth.

Reducing jaw joint pain and headaches

If your teeth don't fit together properly, you can have problems not only in your teeth themselves, but also the gums, the temporo-mandibular joint or the muscles that move your jaw. Headaches can be a symptom of this problem. We work with you to ease the discomfort.

Spotting potential problems such as oral cancer

As well as your teeth, your dentist checks the rest of your mouth, including lips, tongue, cheeks and throat. Anything unusual is reported to your GP or hospital for further investigation. 


Your First Visit
Your first visit
What to expect
Your first visit
  • You will be welcomed by a team member at reception. We will ensure that all your personal details are correct.
  • If you haven't already done so, you will need to fill out a few forms such as a medical history and a patient questionnaire. Once these are completed, you will be ready to see the dentist.
  • You will be shown to the treatment room where you will meet more members of our team.
  • This is your time and you will have the opportunity to ask your dentist any questions that you may have.
  • The dentist will then carry out a tooth-by-tooth examination of your mouth, including an oral cancer screening, a gum examination and an assessment of your jaw joints. We will also take X-rays and photos of your teeth if necessary.
  • Once this has all been completed, you and your dentist will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment options.
  • The final step is to book further recommended appointments at reception.
Remember - we take time to get to know you and your teeth. Please ask any questions you may have or get in touch after your appointment to check any details.
Our treatments include:
Oral health checks
Hygiene appointments
Fillings (tooth-coloured and metal)
Gum (periodontal) treatments
Tooth whitening
Fissure sealants
Oral health and dietary advice/education
Sports gum shields
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