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01 January 2021
Give your teeth a break

Now that we have just started the third lockdown of the pandemic, we wanted to share some research that was carried out last year into snacking habits across the UK.

Results from the Oral Health Foundation’s investigations showed that 38% of UK adults were snacking more following the announcement of the first national lockdown.

“As a nation we have slowly moved away from three square meals and have adopted more snacking habits,” said Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the charity. “This worsened during lockdown, as sudden changes to work and family life might have led more people to snack more. Snacking could be the result of boredom or the need to find a distraction that gives us short-term comfort. The problem is that snacking can have serious repercussions for our health, including our oral health.

“Whenever we eat or drink anything, plaque bacteria build up in the mouth. This produces acids that attack the teeth, causing tooth decay and erosion. Usually, the mouth can neutralise these acids by producing saliva; however, constant snacking doesn’t give the mouth a chance to recover. This leaves us susceptible to acid attacks.”

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