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01 September 2020
Keeping your mouth and gums healthy

Our hygienists and therapists, Lyndsey and Beth, have been busy working with Rob to make sure our patients catch up with their check-ups and hygiene appointments.

As with everything we are doing at the moment, there are some differences to how we are providing hygiene appointments. Lyndsey and Beth are currently cleaning away plaque and tartar with hand instruments rather than the usual ultrasonic scaler.

This is because ultrasonic cleaning is what’s known as an aerosol-generating procedure (AGP) and we are only doing AGPs where absolutely necessary.

Hand scaling should not be more uncomfortable for you and it is as effective as ultrasonic scaling, although admittedly it does take a little bit longer.

We have invested in new ergonomic hand scalers for Lyndsey and Beth. “We don’t know how long it will be before we can use ultrasonic scalers again,” advises Rob.

“However, I can assure our patients that we are continuing to provide a high level of care for your teeth and gums. Keeping your gums clean and healthy is a priority for maintaining your oral health overall.”

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